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January 01, 2015

To my patients,

It is my my pleasure to introduce Peter Ackerman, PA-C, to my practice. Pete is a certified Physician Assistant who is now working with me full-time to provide the best care for you. Prior to becoming a PA, Pete had more than twelve years of experience as a certified athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist. His excellent training and experience, coupled with his professional and personable style, make him an exceptional addition to my team. During the years I have worked with Pete, he has demonstrated outstanding judgement in patient care and clinical prowess beyond his years of experience. Not only is Pete academically and technically outstanding, he is compassionate and understanding of patients' injuries and concerns.

Since joining Danbury Orthopedics in 2011, Pete has been trained in my style of orthopedic history taking, physical examination techniques, and the diagnosis and treatment of common injuries. He is qualified to perform injections in the office, provide routine fracture care, and assist with surgical procedures. He has been my First Assist with minimally invasive shoulder, knee and hip arthroscopies, complex fracture fixation, and all inside arthroscopic anatomical ACL reconstructions.

Pete will be seeing patients with me, and independently when I am out of the office. The true benefit of working with my own Physician Assistant is that he knows each patient and my approach to their care. We are in constant communication with each other, and he can reach me at any time. While I aim to always be here for you, I know you will feel comfortable with Pete when I am unavailable. Please join me in welcoming him to my practice.


Dr. Angelo Ciminiello

December 05, 2014

DUNLEAVY-2-2015Total knee replacement surgery can be difficult for patients, often requiring a hospital stay and lengthy rehabilitation. Ongoing medical advances have made these procedures less invasive than in years past, but successful outcomes still require the patient to commit significant time and effort.

More recently, partial knee replacement has become a popular, less invasive option for select patients. Now, in its commitment to superlative care, Danbury Orthopedics is offering partial knee replacement at their newly opened outpatient Surgical Center – officially known as the Western Connecticut Orthopedic Surgical Center (WCOSC), located at 226 White Street, Danbury.

"This marks the first time that patients in the Danbury area do not have to go to a hospital to have this advanced procedure," says Dr. John Dunleavy, a Danbury Orthopedics surgeon and one of the region's leading total joint and knee specialists. "They can come to our new Surgical Center, have their partial knee procedure performed in a highly specialized orthopedic environment, go home the same day, and have all their follow-up care right here. They receive total patient care in total convenience."

Why Partial?

Patients whose knee deterioration is primarily isolated to one part of the joint may be candidates for a partial knee replacement. Because the partial procedure involves less tissue damage than a total replacement, recoveries are generally faster. Also, in part because no ligaments are removed, many patients say their post-surgical knee feels and functions more normally. These are some of the reasons why partial replacements are considered ideal for the select patients whose joint deterioration is at a contained stage.

Beyond Convenience

Of course, a patient's primary concern is quality of care, and here again Danbury Orthopedics offers many advantages, including a team of Fellowship-trained specialists with the highest credentials. As a dedicated orthopedic center, all surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis. "The process is extremely streamlined, and coordinated by a highly integrated team of specialists, including nurses and anesthesiologists skilled in orthopedics," says Dr. Dunleavy. "Because everything is geared towards outpatient, we function smoothly and can deliver a better patient experience than might be possible in a larger and more general institution."

In a culture where people are focused on living long and aging well, medical professionals envision a growing demand for joint replacement surgeries. With its state-of-the-art outpatient Surgical Center, Danbury Orthopedics is solidly positioned to serve the needs of the greater Connecticut area with compassion, expertise and convenience.

October 09, 2014

Dr. Philip Mulieri was recently featured in an article about his work for the Danbury News Times:mulieripic3

"You could compare me to a carpenter," Philip Mulieri suggested not long ago when asked to describe what he does.

In a way, he was right. He does repair and replace things, but not of wood. As an orthopedic physician at Danbury Orthopedics who specializes in disorders of the shoulder and elbow, arthroscopy, joint replacement, trauma and sports injuries, he works with bones and muscles.

Dr. Mulieri, who holds American Board of Orthopedic Surgery certification, uses state-of-the-art surgical techniques to perform complex shoulder and elbow reconstructive surgery, and several other shoulder and elbow replacement procedures. State-of-the-art means that computer imaging is used in planning and performing surgical procedures. Using the newest computer technology, he transfers CT scan images to a program which then converts them into three-dimensional images. Those images enable him to "see" all that he will encounter when he performs orthopedic surgery.


October 03, 2014
DEVENEY-DUNLEAVYA new medical technology breakthrough is advancing joint replacement surgery at select orthopedic practices nationwide, and specialists at Danbury Orthopedics are the first in Connecticut to perform these state-of-the-art procedures.

MAKOplasty® is an innovative surgical treatment option for patients needing total hip replacement or partial knee replacement due to degenerative joint disease. The robotic, interactive technology assists orthopedic surgeons in achieving new levels of accuracy and precision.

This past September, Dr. Robert Deveney of Danbury Orthopedics performed Connecticut’s first MAKOplasty procedure. His colleague at the practice, Dr. John Dunleavy, will also be performing MAKOplasties this fall. The two doctors are total joint specialists with advanced expertise in treating hip and knee issues.

The availability of MAKOplasty is an important advantage for patients throughout Connecticut and beyond. Currently, about 800,000 knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries are performed in the U.S. each year. As the baby boomer generation ages, the demand for these procedures – and for new technology to enhance patient outcomes – will continue to grow. Having the highly advanced MAKOplasty system in place now strongly positions Danbury Orthopedics to fulfill demand and lead the way into the future.

In traditional joint replacement procedures, X-rays have been used to identify where the surgeon should position the replacement. With this new technology, 3-dimensional CT scans enable specialists to map the surgical site with precision. The data is fed into a software program on the computer, and assists the surgeon in guiding the robotic arm to remove the exact amount of damaged tissue, and place the new joint with pinpoint precision.

3-D Mapping of the Surgical Site

“MAKOplasty gives us exact 3-D mapping of the patient’s unique anatomy,” says Dr. Deveney. “We get live feedback to see where we are in the surgical space, and built-in safety features prevent the system from moving beyond our surgical parameters. By working with exact coordinates in real time, we are able to consistently reproduce our pre-operative plans. We can remove a minimal amount of bone and prepare the joint to receive the implant with exceptionally precise positioning.”

Because the technology is so supportive of minimally invasive techniques, it will enable surgeons to treat patients in earlier stages of joint disease – preventing further deterioration and improving outcomes.

Proven in the Field

MAKOplasty technology has been used successfully for the last few years in other parts of the country, and is now available in Connecticut. Specialists in adult reconstructive surgery are eligible to learn the system. Certification requires an intensive 3-part process consisting of lab work, interactive training and on-site observation of live procedures, allowing qualified surgeons to master the exact technique.

Dr. Deveney and Dr. Dunleavy anticipate valuable benefits to their patients who are candidates for this surgical option, including better recovery and potential longer life of the replacement implant.

“Because the MAKOplasty procedure in partial knee replacements is less invasive and less traumatic,” says Dr. Dunleavy “it can be performed on an outpatient basis. Most patients will be able to return home the same day or next morning.” A leading specialist in partial knee replacements, Dr. Dunleavy adds, “The technology also offers an important new option for patients needing replacement behind the kneecap – an especially difficult procedure. It’s expanding our ability to treat patients, reduce pain and restore movement.”

MAKO Surgical Corporation defines these benefits of its technology:

  • Enable surgeons to precisely resurface only the arthritic portion of the joint
  • Preserve healthy tissue and bone
  • Facilitate optimal implant positioning to result in a more natural feeling following surgery
  • Result in a more rapid recovery and shorter hospital stay than traditional joint replacement surgery
While all patients may not be candidates for MAKOplasty, this advance assures patients of the best care the field can offer, and the right treatment option, thanks to the commitment of the specialists at Danbury Orthopedics.

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